Solar impact on Electricity Bill

by | Jan 2, 2022

How Solar helps to reduce Electricity Bill?

This question is asked by every home owner who are confused if Solar Panel are worth the investment. Answer to this question is YES it will absolutely make a huge impact on your electricity bill. Home owner will practically not pay anything at all if the calculation are done properly by Solar Expert as to how much kwh system is needed to be installed so energy bill is reduced to $0.


Will the output of solar panels reduces over the years?

Solar panel do have a life span but is long enough to recover the cost invested in it. On top of that it will serve you for decades. Solar Panels have guaranteed performance of 30 years. Also it isn’t that they stop performing after that. They just start slowing down but will still keep serving you. Over the years their performance will reduce so keep an eye out for electricity bill after intial decade.


How to recover the initial investment?

The initial investment will be recovered in approx. 3 to 5 years in form of money saved on electricity bill and also extra energy generated by your system which is pushed back in the grid and added to your energy bill as feed-in tariff. To recover the money faster it’s advisable to go through a solar company who understand these calculations and also  provided solar Installation in Sydney.


How does Solar Battery work in reducing energy bill ?

Solar Battery store the extra electricity generated instead of passing it back into the grid. This extra energy  generated is then used with the sun goes down, Cloudy or Rainy weather and Power Outages. This way no consumption happens from Electricity supplier as Battery will reuse extra power from Solar Panels. To support his initiative Government is giving interest free loan for Battery powered solar panels in Sydney, New South Wales


It’s important to make a quick decision as Australian government is giving rebates for Solar installation but it’s reducing every year. So if you would like to know more about possibility of solar in your home then contact Solar National one of the top 10 solar company in Sydney or you can reach out at 130 179 949 or email if you are based in Sydney, NSW.

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